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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is "the life of pi" tiger real?

After watching the emotion wrenching "Life Of Pi" i was amazed at the visual feasts and brilliant graphics, it was because of the high quality graphics that i couldnt be sure if the tiger was real or not?

well the answer is both. Some shots are of real tigers but most (around 85%) were completely made up with CGI meaning the actors would have to play scenes on their own and the tiger would be digitaly put into the scene. It's the fact that it makes you question it that makes it so fantastic. It takes us a long way away from the days of laughing at the cardboard Jaws.

 “We used [real tigers] for single shots, where it was just the tiger in the frame, and they’re doing something that didn’t have to be all that specific in the action that we were after,” Westenhofer told The New York Times. “By doing that, it set our bar high for CGI. We couldn’t cheat at all. It pushed the artists to go and deliver something that’s never been done before, something as photo-real as anyone has ever done with an animal.”

It doesn't take long to appreciate the production of this film playing real or not during the film can be a real brain itcher!

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