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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Anfield cat who ran onto the Liverpool pitch mid game!

Today to join the other kitties in the hall of Fame i introduce to you the 'Anfield cat'. He's made famous for running onto the liverpool pitch mid game during a premier league game against Tottenham-Hotspur. Scroll down for more of the story and the video footage.

He tottered past the Liverpool manager Kenny Dalgish. He then hopped onto the pitch and took a stroll near the goal who was being held by goal keeper Brad Friedel, 40. He even took a moment to sit down much to the amusement of the fans who chanted 'A cat, a cat, a cat!'. The game was paused for around a minute until a steward came onto the pitch and released the cat outside the stadium gates.

He instantly became famous and everyone wanted to know who this spunky cat was. within two minutes 2 Twitter accounts were set up claiming to be 'the original Anfield cat'. One even reached 75,000 followers. However they are all impostors as it was later revealed the tabby is a local stray, formerly he was unnamed but after his televised streaking he was named 'Kenny' after the manager.

The local residents all vouch for Kenny's good heart and all take credit for leaving him a bowl of food outside. He is thought to be the off-spring from a locals pet 'Pako'.

However, this isn't the first report of fame seeking cats as in 1964 a black and white cat leaped along the pitch when Liverpool played Arsenal. Anybody else think Liverpool's badge needs a cat on it? Or at least a new mascot!

Heres the footage of the game very amusing!

Kenny was temporarily re-homed north of Liverpool and is now thought to have found a permanent home. I am not sure he will be happy about only being able to watch the game on the television nowadays.

The definifition of a cool cat, i tip my tail to you Kenny!

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