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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The history of Garfield, know your cat!

So where and how did this great phenomena of Garfield, the greedy charming cat, come from?

Garfield: So much time, and so little... I need to do.

Originally the writer of Garfield, Jim Davis, was the creator of a comic strip called 'Gnorm Gnat'. This was back in the 1970's and although he was able to get his strips out there, they weren't being received as hoped: One editor said "his art is good, and gags are great, but nobody can identify with bugs!" After this he decided to scrap it and came up with a new comic strip starring a cat..Garfield.

Even still Garfield took time to make perfect, at first the main character is Garfield's owner, John. But this soon changed when newspapers said they thought the cat should be the main character as he gets the funniest lines.

 Eventually the newspaper 'The United Feature Syndicate'  decided to feature it in 41 newspapers in 1978. After a test run the Chicago times removed the strip from their paper, but then had to reinstate it after receiving complaints from the readers. It was then clear the brilliance of Garfield and how lovable he is.

Garfield: Once again, my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna. 

Garfield Has gone a long way from comics and now is a well established movie star, with a fair few movies under his belt:

Garfield the moovie 2004
garfield: A tale of two kitties 2006
Garfield gets real 2007 this where they started to really bring cgi into action.
Garfields Fun Fest 2008
Garfields Pet Force "009

Although i enjoyed all of his movies i am a little disappointed how "Disney" they became. Super family friendly with lots of morals, it slowly turns into cheesy Rom-coms. I say they should make a Garfield with his old attitude and possible make it a rated movie for punch.

Liz: There's nothing wrong with Garfield. He's just a happy, fat, lazy cat. 
Garfield: No need for a second opinion. 

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