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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

If you love Ligers!

(Hercules standing up against an old London tour bus)

You guys loved the Liger post they are some pretty popular kitties! I thought i should bring you more photos and more info to fill that Liger sized whole in your life.

(Hercules on a set of the London Underground tube station)

Last Time i spoke to you about a well known Liger called Hercules who weighs 900 pounds!  He is famous for the photo shoot where he stood up to the London bus during a mock British set celebrating the English influence in music in America. There are plenty more photos from that day i thought you would like to see them:

(Hercules Next to an old black cab)

The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress, this equals a Liger  However the hybrid cross between a male tiger and a female lioness is called a Tiglon  

 A Liger is the largest known extant feline, where as a Tiglon is about the same size as a female tiger.

(Hercules showing man's puniness)

(Hercules crossing a mock Abbey road crossing)

Ligers share both of their parents traits; They love swimming which is the characteristic of a tiger and are very sociable just like lions.

(what a big head he has!)

A Liger often inherits both the rosette markings from the lion and stripes from the Tiger, Liger's appearance vary greatly from one another. 

White Liger's (normally a very pale yellow) have been achieved. Theoretically by crossing a white tiger and a white lion should produce an all white Liger possible without any markings at all. 

Black Liger's have never recorded and it may not be possible. Although very dark ones have been produced, it is normally due to the markings being overly present.

As the blue/ grey Maltese tiger is now extinct it is unlikely we will ever see that coat in a Liger.

(Hercules with a Liger cub)

 Ligers are only found in captivity, recorded as early as the the 1700's, as tiger habitats and lion habitats never cross over in the modern world. 

However, it is thought when the Asiatic Lion (also known as the Indian Lion) had a large territory and was thriving, there was a cross over of territory and there are legends of Liger's living in the wild. 

Many Liger's have been bred in captivity, although sometimes it has been noted it has been by accident. as was Hercules.


(Hercules again)

Jungle Island is a wonderful interactive park in Miami, it is home to the largest non-obese Liger in the world; Hercules. Hercules received a great reception on many different tv shows and grabs attention from people all over the world. 

His trainer is Bhagavan Antle and has done a fantastic job with his Ligers with great breeding programs and the ability to raise Ligers to live long healthy lives. It is very difficult to perfect Liger breeding and are known for their low life expectancy   

Hercules and his little brother

Hercules lazing around

Hercules, the face of power!

People argue a lot over whether the Liger creation is fair. It is unlikely the animal would survive in the wild with the little left out there to hunt and the amount it needs to consume to keep active. Saying this. they can still run up to 50mph!

There are also health concerns for things like their joints when they become large, being in captivity they get loads of healthcare so they tend to live pretty good lives.

 I will leave the argument up to you guys, please comment whether you think this should be allowed.

Enjoy these photos of other Ligers i found to show you how different they can look from one another. 

on the left a female Liger and a male on the right

A very handsome Liger

who said i'm not cuddly?

a baby Liger, how cute!
Although i think this one may be a taxidermy exhibit, just a hunch.

(A more stripy Liger)

this myth is black and white

where babies come from:male lion and female tiger makes a Liger! yay!

tiger standing next to a liger to show height differenve

same pair again laying down

a lovely white liger

sorry who did you say the king on the jungle was?

A liger and tiger fighting
i doubt this was done by humas on purpose probably just play fighting in their enclosure

A Tigon to show the difference, Also a very stunning animal but much smaller/

lion, tiger or bear? nope, its a liger!


i own non of the writes to any og the images shown. please visit these websites below for there distribution rights home website for hercules

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