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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

6 whole hours!

And this is how much i like cars....

How far is Devon away from my territory? Only about 6 hours in light traffic!!
Are they serious?!? I was a very good boy though; i must say, sat on their laps as they drove, i slept and slept .Best of all no accidents, very smug.Then i got bored and was hungry and stole some fast food burger from them.. hungry humans? Other than my love for cheese, i haven't seen much at all other than the inside of that car. At least i didn't have to go in the travel case that just gives me the creeps.

I have noticed the air is cleaner here though, you wouldn't be able to tell, but i'm a cat and i notice these things.

Not met up with any local cats yet, although iv spotted lots of stupid dogs. looking forward to actually travelling by foot and exploring. Cars make me sick and i hope we don't go back for a while as i'm not looking forward to the journey home!!

This is me being carried in to the hotel, sleepy and moody :)

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