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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The White Lady

I say, it's lucky i am a cat and can sleep at all times as my owners had me up at 6am this morning. Not sure i like the hotel, it's clean and tidy but when you are paying for luxury, don't you think that if they are going to give you 6 different sachets for hot drinks then surely only putting out 2 milks would never be enough. Being rationed on the milk now, can you believe this is the world we live in.
Anyway the reason we woke up so early is because we went to see a waterfall...why???
We all should know I wouldn't be the fondest of water and when it's falling down from a couple of hundred meters at some silly it doesn't excite me too much. So i didn't get too close, but i guess its something new. The waterfall was called The White Lady and unfortunately i refused to stand still for a photograph. :)

Hopefully there is much more to see!

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  1. *chirrup* hey thats ok if your ever down these neck of the woods i will be more than honored to give you a tour >.<