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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers day...

Oh, so I learnt about an odd tradition today; humans and meeting their birth mothers once a year and i also learnt the child doesn't enjoy it very much. This is actually my first mothers day, I didn't get either of my mothers a present, feline nor human, but i would have caught something tasty for them or made them a macaroni pen holder had i known. Now i do and i'll make sure i remember next year...but i'm not sure i can find my real mother, she's probably stalking some farm in that little village in the middle of nowhere. It Suits her to roam the high grass through the fens, like a tiger. Stealing territory from any tom cat. I may try and find her. In the meantime in memory to her is a picture of some big carp i saw, very tasty. She'd like that, she the cats mother. 

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