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Monday, 26 March 2012

Hair Hair... Everywhere!!!

Man i'm hairy and this is what spring brings..

There's hair on the carpet, hair on the curtains, hair on my owners clothes and every time they stroke me... more hair!! But phew, i'm glad to be rid of this thick coat. Very important to brush or 'groom' your kitties to help us out with this.

A great tip that my owners use is a bowl of water, wet the palm of your hand and rub it against the surface your trying to clean, surprisingly efficient. Brushing your kitty outside stops a lot of the build up in our environments too.

This has all led me to think about how when its summer you miss those cosy cold nights of winter, but when its winter you long for those long summer days... like today i was sooo hot! seeking refuge in the big shadows i thought about the snow we had this year, it wasn't long ago.. i like snow.. and here's a pic

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  1. thanks for the tip we have hair eeeeeverywhere atm!