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Monday, 26 March 2012

I love you or I own you?

Why kitties do it?

Humans are always confusing each other with their body language but what does it mean when its your kitty? I was just thinking about when you get home from work and your cat is oh so excited to see you, he's purring and stroking up your leg in an affectionate way...
But is this just the cat showing you they own you?!

Like most mammals cat's have scent glands: on their heads and lips, front paws and flanks, also on the rears. Now these glands are sweating out a potent mix of chemicals that another cat would be able to read up on when he was there, fertility status, what mood he was in and what direction he was travelling. 
All scents are unique so this helps your kitty feel safe in his environment knowing its just him there, now its all been marked as his. So really, when he's rubbing all over you and you think its cute he is really saying 'your mine, all mine!' which is kinda cute anyway.

Although if you have two cats you may sometimes (rarely) see them rubbing faces or almost head butting, this is called bunting. Even though cats are mainly solitary, when two cats feel deeply content around each others presence they show this by rubbing there facial scent glands together to make a cocktail of the two. this is to create a group scent and is a way for kitties to show there trust to each other and to create a mutual territory. Ever had your kitty rub their face all over yours?
 Even though these acts are strictly territorial, i think that there is a way us kitties purr and rub up against you, that there is some kind of affection intended.

 After all, love is when you belong to each other right?

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